Suspension Set Up

You love your bike, but you know it could be better. Maybe there are moments when you’re not quite as confident in its handling as you would like. You need to be at one with the machine – bike and rider together.

If it’s brand new, it still needs to be set up to suit you: your size, your weight and your riding style.
If your bike’s older, perhaps it needs a tweak or two to bring back its (and your) full potential.


1. Book yourself an INSPECTION AND SET-UP. If you turn up without pre-booking, you risk a wasted journey.

2. Ride the bike to ERS at Knockhill and let Eddie – the Suspension Guru – check your bike over, make tailored alterations to improve any handling issues that you may be experiencing, and recommend possible further improvements.

3. Experience an amazing ride home!

It’ll probably be the best £90 you’ve ever spent.

Suspension Services

  • Front fork Service
  • Rear shock Service
  • Steering Damper Service
  • Road & Track Suspension Setup

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Track Bike Services

  • Pre Track safety inspections
  • Race Suspension Setup
  • Supply/Hire Track Bikes
  • Brake service and preparation

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Road Bike Services

  • Brake Service
  • Tyre Fitting
  • Chain & Sprocket Fitting
  • Air/Oil Filters

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