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Eddie set up my suspension on my Ducati Panigale 899. I had recently fitted an Öhlins rear shock and although better than stock I knew I still wasn't getting the most out of it.


Eddie set up the front forks and rear shock to perfectly match my weight and riding style.


This completely transformed the bike.  It's now extremely settled and predictable. Confidence inspiring. Best money I've ever spent on a bike.


Thanks Eddie and ERS team.



James McPaul

Hi just a quick note to say thanks to Eddie @ ERS for servicing and renewing the belts on my Ducati 848, I spent  bit of time with Eddie who explained everything he would be doing to the bike and made it clear why.


We also had my partner Vikki's Ducati 848 suspension set up on the same day which has made a massive difference on how the bike handles.


Anytime I've had an issue with the bike Eddie has always been happy to see me at short notice to get me back on the road.


Eddie is clearly very knowledgeable on everything bikes and thorough in the work he does and a pleasure to deal with, we wouldn't take our bikes anywhere else.


Craig Campbell & Vikki Halliday  

Hi lads


What can I say? I've had two Ducati 848s both set up by Eddie, the first of which actually had me second guessing my own choice of buying a Ducati. After owning the bike for about a month I was running out of patience with its road manners until Eddie did a set up on the stock Showa suspension on the bike along with an adjustment of the throttle, tyre pressures, chain adjustment and brake bleed. The change in handling and throttle response was like being given the keys to a new bike.... one I enjoyed so much that I bought a second! Only this time the evo model with stronger brakes and more power. Once again I got Eddie to do a suspension set up on the bike after he replaced my showa rear shock to an Öhlins unit and once again the transformation was outstanding. Bettered again by the recommendation of a change of front sprocket. My Ducati is now as happy on fast A roads as it would be on track.The difference these changes have made has changed me into the die hard Ducati fan I am today I can only say thanks to Eddie for passing on his knowledge and experience.



Alex Anderson.

When my bike rolled out the showroom the standard suspension settings and geometry were miles away from where I needed to be. A few hours of Ed's adjustments and tweaking transformed the bike into everything I was hoping for. He also adjusted the brakes and throttle cable to sharpen everything up along with the better handling. Excellent service and I would highly recommend to anyone for brand new and old bikes that haven't had their full potential unlocked"


PS I'm looking to book my bike in for shock service and further tweaking, I will be in touch.

When I purchased my Ducati 1098R Troy Bayliss the suspension set up was terrible. Took it to ERS where Eddie worked his magic as usual. Within a few hours the Bayliss was running superbly. It was not understeering anymore and can now be thrown into corners with confidence.

It was money well spent. Thanks again ERS Racing.


Scott Chisholm.

Eddie's focus, attention to detail and reasonable pricing when he serviced my R1 were outstanding.


When he did my engine and fork service it was terrible weather, he worked until late and even made me my dinner before I left because I had a long way to go! Just like a very competent mate sorting your bike!


The difference to the bike following his suspension set up was amazing.


Please feel free to use as much of this reference as you wish.




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